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How do I get a higher FPS in-game?

Guest Urbaan

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Hi guys!


Since the B2K patch (and game) got released I've gone from having about 80-90 fps at all maps to 40-55 fps.


Been thinking alot about it but since I'm not a computer nerd I'm asking you if you know anything I can do to give me more FPS.


What I've done so far:

1. Tried 3 diffrent Antivirus: Avira Antivir, Telia Firewall/Antivirus (my ISP's suggestion) and Avast.

I've Virus scanned my computer like 10 times in less than a week (tried them all)

2. Done several Registry Clean with a program called "Registry Clean Expert)

3. Downloaded and updated my drivers for my Nvidia 470 GTX Gainward 1Gb

4. Been trying to look for drivers for my Motherboard (Asus Rampage III Extreme)

notice: don't even know if there are drivers for the motherboard, but I just checked anyway

5. Been cleaning the computer with compressed air 3 times in two weeks

(It's 100% dust free since I cleaned it today too)


What I've been thinking about:

I've been thinking about re-installin Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit because that MIGHT solve some other problems which I have. (Windows is crashing programs for me)

Got several suggestions about what to do but none has worked so far so if anyone knows whats up or might have a hunch about what might be up (or down) please feel free to respond, asap.


Worth to say: I'm not lagging in-game (atleast it doesn't feels like it), I'm just having trouble with my fps which is imo too low.


Can it be my graphicscard which is about to give up?

What happends if I put in two new graphicscard in and in that case which ones should I get?

If I decide to put in a few more Gb RAM-mem in the computer which ones would fit?


I'm also posting you what kind of computer I got:

Some of you may not be able to join pastebin.com so I'm also uploading it to Mediafire in a .txt file where you can download the information about my computer.





Happy for any respond which can get my computer in a better shape than it is right now:)




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I for got something in the last post:


Which parts of the computer can you update?

Processor, Graphicscard, Motherboard, Harddrive, SSD


The one I know is the GraphicsCard.

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You can update all of them.

I actually have lower fps in the full version then I have in the beta.

It's really wierd...

Beta had downgraded graphics and such to get more beta testers able to join

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Guest RET.SSgt.Haterade=US=
Beta had downgraded graphics and such to get more beta testers able to join


And Metro isn't armor heavy. On the armor heavy maps you'll have lower FPS because you have more large-scale explosions.

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Guest Ret.Maj.Xander=US=

Out of the things you listed only the graphics card and mobo can be updated. Graphics card with drivers and mobo with flashing the BIOS. But just new drivers won't really solve your problem. I have a very similar setup to you except I don't have a SSD and my CPU is a i7 920. But my FPS is normally around 60 (being that the human eye can't see any more than, that I'm content with not getting 90 FPS)


The biggest factor is probably the background processes.


As for Anti Virus use Microsoft Security Essentials, its free and there isn't really anything that comes close to it for $0.


You can also try something like Game Booster which shuts down processes not needed when gaming.


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Guest alcarpuk

I couldnt get gamebooster to work right with BF3 with the game loading from a IE window and then going to the game it always seemed to return from game mode to normal mode before my level loaded.


I tried to fiddle around with my settings as im only getting 35fps :(


apparently changing from SSAO to HBAO or something is supposed to improve framerate to.


I cant check but i think to get your framerate in the top corner of BF3 press the ` key (to the left of 1)


then enter


render.drawfps 1




render.drawfps 0


to turn the FPS off :)

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