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What music do you listen to while you play BF3?

Guest BlkWtrFox

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Classic Rock to New Age Rock. anything from Johnny Cash to The Dead Weather. I'm a lover of good music, i hate the new punk rock crap.
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Guest RoninWarrior
Personally, I listen to Daft Punk, The Offspring, or TOOL.


Like (Daft Punk). I listen to House. Hard, Electro, Fidget, Tranquil, and dubstep. I'm a House-addict.

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Guest killophile
Simply Blackmill, this artist makes great tunes can listen to them all day long. And personally I need music to be able to play BF3 or else I will keep moving everywhere.
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You'll hate my wide taste of music but in the end I know that some of you will love it and since I'm such a huge music fan I adjust my taste of music to which mood I'm in.

It sounds abit silly but then again, it's awesome that everyone is diffrent 8)


There are many benefits of having a taste of music like I do:

1. I'm having too much music at the computer so I always find something to listen at.

I got about 600 Gb of music at my external drive and if I get sick of that music I got about 15 000 000 songs at Spotify that I can listen to (10 000 songs are added to Spotify everyday)

2. I can listen to Brittney Spears to Black Sabbath or from Skrillex (even though I hate him) to Metallica.

3. Since I'm hanging at all websites where DJ's and Artist from all over the world are uploading music to see the publics reactions, I'm always updated about new songs, new remixes and any changes of the songs.



I'm gonna post 3 diffrent spotifylists there you'll see which taste of music I got.


You can download spotify at http://www.spotify.com

And if you wanna read more about spotify: http://www.spotify.com/se/about/what/



Winterparty 2011/2012

- This is a spotifylist that I'm using at the pre-pre-party and the pre-party to get ready for a night out. (Also since I know almost all DJ's in the city where I live I always bring a USB-stick with fresh music to him every week)

Winterparty 2011/2012


Rock - Fresh 'n New!

- This says itself, ROCK 'N ROLLA!!!

Rock - Fresh 'n New!


Max Chillax

- Perfect music for your studies or if you just wanna "Relax and take EEEEEEEEEEEEEASSYYYYY" :P

Max Chillaxx


The forumpost were about which music I'm listenting to when I'm playing BF3.

I got one Album that I'm always doing crazy frags with and that is:

(drum roll) The Offsprings - Americana! and The Offsprings - Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.



(notice: Sorry for having you read my whole post about my taste of music)

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Guest Seiph3r

Depends what I'm doing, if I'm gaming my playlist varies... Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Tool, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, White Zombie, and sometimes (sorry to all the hardcore Dubstep fans but...) Skrillex.. lol.

If I'm in squad and playing with you all... just the sound of carnage.

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Guest RET.SSgt.Haterade=US=

When I'm recording with fraps, I don't listen to music (or hang out in TS) since virtual audio cable seems to give me lag spikes.


Most of the time, I'm listening to Pandora. Some of the groups/bands/rappers I like: Avantasia, HammerFall, Edguy, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Iced Earth, KISS, Thin Lizzy, Jimi Hendrix (some), Stevie Ray Vaughan, Cream, Boston, Triumph, UGK, Bun B, Pimp C, Chamillionaire, Z-RO, and Trae.


I listen to 70's rock, blues, power metal, neo-classical metal and Houston-based rap mostly.

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Guest Big_Forte

Anything from:


Breaking Benjamin



Animals as Leaders

30 seconds from mars

three days grace

Various Rap

I am the Ocean


Hail the Villian

Two Steps from Hell (Movie instrumental soundtracks)

Other game music (Megaman, final fantasy, etc)

and more.


I think my playlist is up to 32 hours of music, lol.

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Guest Ret.Maj.Xander=US=
I always have something playing on my second monitor. I have something like 70+ TV series and 500+ movies on my hard drive. The hardest part is deciding what I want to watch.
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