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The Clanbase NationsCup XV

Guest Urbaan

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Hi guys!


I just wanted to inform about some upcomming events.






For all of you who doesn't know what the Nationscup is I'll tell you:


Nationscup is more or less the worldchampionship in the gaming world and it's Clanbase who will arrange everything.

They've arranged the Nationscup the last 7 years that I've been active on clanbase and they've probably arranged further back aswell.


I'll get back with more information about the matches and so on but I guess I'll keep track of the Swedish, Dutch, American and the UK matches.


I'm also gonna talk to riddick (a player which I know from another game called UrbanTerror) about how they will stream the matches IF they stream and in that case, how they will stream the matches.




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Groups are released, some lineups are released at battlelog and Clanbase Nations Cup XV is ready to go.




These are 4 lineup that are released at Battlelog:


:arrow::arrow::arrow::arrow::arrow::arrow:Team Sweden:



Team United Kingdom:



Team Norway:



Team Denmark:



I hope that DICE decides to release a spectator mode so everyone can see the Nations Cup matches.


Another benefit with the spectator mode at the servers is that the admins easier can caught cheaters by going to the spectator, watch the player, record a demo, ban him, report him and then keep on playing.


It shouldn't be too hard to make a spectate-mode.




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