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BC2 and BF3 Beta both crashing randomly

Guest Cycle

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Hello fellow clanmates,


I am strugling with a consistent crash in both BF:BC2 and BF3 beta. After like 5 to 10 minutes of playing the game (all settings flat out and still 90 fps steady) it crashes, the screen turns white and after a few seconds I return to the desktop and can't restart it. (Tried low graphics too but it still crashes).


All drivers are fully updated (BF3 beta version) and all the games are also fully updated.


My system should be working fine but I'll post it here just in case:

i7 970

12GB Corsair vengeance ram

GTX580 Platinum

The rest won't really care in terms of game performance.

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Guest RET.Capt.DoggyRanger=US=

You have enough hardware.


Did you check the temperature of your GPU?


I run speed fan while playing. This let's me know when my card is running hot.

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I have an external fancontroller with temperature sensors. ther tell me it's 43 degree celsius.


Update: in BF3 my drivers quit working and an error appears.

At BC2 the screen gets white and it just stops working..

BC2 fixed by forcing DX9


No good google solution found yet

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