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Project Reality - Realistic Gaming Redefined!

Guest Wicca

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[align=center]Project Reality -


Realistic Gaming Redefined!




Project Reality is not the game for the faint of heart, it has a steep learning curve and it requires you to have a mic and work as a team.

Do not expect a simple join and fight game, remember to bring your patience and willingness to learn.


That being said, the games are well worth the time spent. A mature gaming community where everyone is looking for great games of PR. I cant explain it to you, but here is a video example of the gameplay we usually get.


This is a Promotional Video

Thank you Captain_Chaos for making this!


This is the Tactical Video

Thank you Gazz_Thompson for making this!


Dont worry about joking around, as much as the PR players loves blowing stuff up. We arent always the most politically correct soldiers.

Thank you Spyker for making this!


So if you have been searching all your life for the answer, look no further. PR Will solve all your problems:)




Project Reality: Realistic Gaming Redefined


// Wicca out

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Guest RET.CPO.Čeh=US=
Love the promotional vid had a great laugh :) , tactical vid shows the exact way how to play this game, the last vid is a laugh too. What's the name of your serv and IP of mumble and I'll hop on.
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I dont represent the PR team. I am a mere community member, but if you want to recruit people there, then i guess there is a Bf3 thread around there somewere.


I play on SISU, PRTA, TG. Anything really. It doesnt matter what server your on, aslong as you have the right crowd around you.

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Guest Conman51

Heres all the info for Mumble:



AS for recruiting for BF3. Well theres already been 2 thread locked because they got so big, so we know it exists. I dont know if you can recruit but honestly, you probably wont get anyway. Many of us are sad the way the battle field series has gone. Many of us dont see this as a true sequel to Bf2. They have gone backwards in many aspects. We just see it as another COD knock off. Otherwise known as Battle of Honor: Modern Ops 3

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Guest RET.SGT.iambrian=US=
Battle of Honor: Modern Ops 3

copyright that. wait for EA to make it, all the 12 year olds to buy it, and then you will be an instant millionaire. how's that for stimulating the economy!

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