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21st Century Warfare Tournament Invitation

Guest [FFTF]Darktimes

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Guest [FFTF]Darktimes



MyIS and 21CW staff would like to invite all of you to compete in our 32v32 organized combat Battlefield tournament.


21st Century Warfare is an organized and structured online tournament that involves two sides, the Coalition and the Opposition fighting over control of various parts of the world. 21st Century Warfare has its own private battle server, its own private TeamSpeak server, and each side is provided their own private forums. Each tournament consists of a campaign. When you register to play you will be placed onto one of the two sides and you will remain as part of that force for the entire campaign. Campaigns usually last around 13 weeks. You will be given access to your side's private forums, and it is there you will learn all the various schedules, trainings, certifications, strategies, and passwords needed to be a full active member of 21st Century Warfare.


The 21st Century Warfare Mod is one of the unique features of 21CW. The tournament has its own team of developers who have developed a mod for Battlefield 2 to better fit the needs of the tournament. The mod changes are things such as balance issues, weapon additions, vehicle additions, custom maps and other things. The ultimate goal of the mod is to expand the game while keeping it fair and balanced. The Mod itself gets updates nearly every week to fix bugs and to balance new maps as soon as possible.


If you have any questions feel free to check out our FAQ thread: http://tournaments.myinternetservices.com/showthread.php?t=277310


To get an understanding of the awesome experience, check out the 21CW Promo Video!




Anyone is welcome to join the awesome organized combat tournament!


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