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One Last Test

Guest D.Whitehurst

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Guest D.Whitehurst




Take a couple notes.... this is on a VPN Server HINT MY IP IS LIKE:, also my VPN is located clear in the middle of no where in Idaho.... its like 1300 miles i think is what speed test from dallas to idaho where i didd the speed test from, great news i just upgraded to the Ultra 60 Package... I now get about 120MBPS Down and about 15 up. they have to send me a better Docsis 3.0 Modem because this one cant handel the full load. but i will post new speed with the new modem the modem i think im getting can hande upto 160MBPS down and not sure on the upload but if i shut my VPN off i get like 120 and 15 up right now :D

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