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Splitting steam Game on differant hard drives.

Guest Mythos

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Guest Mythos

I were looking for a way for my new computer to get a few games on my SSD drive and the majority of games on my regular 2TB HD.


This is the selution Iwe found.





it sounds like he wants to split the contents of steamapps, likely because he does not have a single drive able to house all the games, on the other hand, if the OP does have the room on the D: drive for ALL his Steam games, then, hey, @OP, listen to ReBoot, it's the easiest.


If you do not have enough room on D: to hold all of your games, read on:


Just install it, then install the game you want to move to the D: drive if it is not already installed, then move that folder to where you want it on the D: drive, when that's done, right click on the new folder you just moved to D: and select Pick Link Source, then go back into the C: drive back to the steamapps/common folder you copied from, and right click anywhere in the folder, and select, Drop as...Junction.


So let's take an example:


I want to install Torchlight to my D: drive.


I would install Torchlight as normal to my C: drive, then once it is done downloading, I will go into my:


C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common folder, and look for the folder named, 'torchlight', I would right click on it and select Cut, I would then navigate to my new place, let's make it D:\SteamGames and I would right click inside that D:\SteamGames folder, and select Paste, once that is done, I will then have D:\SteamGames\torchlight I would then right click on that D:\SteamGames\torchlight folder, and select Pick Link Source, then I would go back to my C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common folder, then right click in an empty area in the folder, select Drop as....then select Junction.


You will now have a Junction in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\ folder with a little link chain icon of sorts on it, named torchlight, you're done.


You can do this with any existing game too.


Tool here:

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Guest Mythos

Way 2:


Use an NTFS junction point.


Lets say I want to move Left4Dead from "C:\Program Files\Steam\common\left 4 dead\" to "D:\Games\Left 4 Dead\"


1. Close Steam.

2. Cut the "left 4 dead" folder from "C:\Program Files\Steam\common\" and paste it in "D:\Games\"

3. Open a command prompt with administrative privileges.

4. Type the following into the command prompt:


MKLINK /J "D:\Games\left 4 dead\" "C:\Program Files\Steam\common\left 4 dead\"

5. You should see a confirmation that the directory junction was created successfuly.

6. Launch Steam, Left 4 Dead should be able to start without any issues.

Download Junktion tool

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Guest RET.CW4.ThievingSix=US=

Just a small note to add, the performance increase vs viability of SSD drives at the moment is rather small in regards to gaming. Some games utilise the SSD more than others L4D sees a 12% increase while COD4 only sees a 2.1% increase. Crysis warhead on the other hand sees 4.2% and thats an average performance increase. You will see a slight improvement in load times but whether this translates into better FPS depends on a game by game basis. Valve games in general however see much better improvements than others.


The paper is here


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Guest Ret.Maj.Xander=US=
One of the biggest advantages I think will be loading maps at the beginning of multiplayer rounds. But if there is a set 30 seconds until round starts or something that point is moot.
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Guest Navi491

Hey mythos i am a total computer noob at this kind of stuff, so would it be possible for me to be on TS when you are available and you give me a kind of walk through of what i have to do. I have SSD 120gb drive for my games, and i only want games that are single-player/long load time on my SSD, and the rest on my 750gb HDD.


Thanks for taking time to post this information as it is something i have been trying to figure out since i built my new rig.

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