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O Canada

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Guest RET.MCPO.MasterOfPuppets=US=

Montreal Canadiens fans are worse, they've set cop cars on fire because they won...


1. I live on the complete opposite side of Canada

2. I knew Boston would win.





After losing to Boston this year. (For those who don't know hockey Boston and Montreal are like the Yankees and Red Sox)


Video clip from last years riot after beating the Penguins in Game 7.



"Vandals torched police cars and smashed downtown storefronts following a playoff win by the Montreal Canadiens on April 21, 2008. It was the third such riot following a Habs game since 1986."

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Guest RET.MCPO.MasterOfPuppets=US=
that's not very canadian.....lol


I think you ment "That's not very canadian. Eh?"


And no, it just a bunch of drunk people looking for an excuse to destroy stuff.

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