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Guide Solving Punkbuster losing key packet 9003 and 9005 error

Guest NebuCanezzar.

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Guest NebuCanezzar.

Solving the annoying punkbuster losing key packet 9003 and 9005 error is a real pain and it had me going nuts for 2 days every one has a different theory and try ed most of them with out any results.

Reinstalling game didn't do much for me, i did fount one way that seemed to solve my problems getting kicked from server by PB.

I hope my guide will help those suffering from this bug.



PunkBuster intro


Every time you launch the game, two punkbuster exe's launches with the game those exe's are:

1.There is a PnkbstrA . exe (is active all time)

2.PnkbstrB. exe (becomes active once u go in a game it requires.)


Everytime you get the losing key packet 9003 and 9005 error, its due to PnkbstrB. exe been shut down for some reason. could be anything like a virus scanner or bad server.




What to do is hard to say, but i hear BC2 punkbuster is different then the punkbusters original site.

so you could ignore this what i am about to say and move to step 2.1.if you would like.

Important:This solution did not solved my problem of losing key packets, but it might have abit due to the fact that you will be updating punkbuster manually in other word, you know you will have the successful update installed which always contributes and limits problems in there own way.


Step 1.1

Uninstall PunkBuster Service with latest PunkBuster Service Setup (pbsvc.exe)



Go to your game folder, locate the "pb" folder

Delete the content of the "pb" folder but DO NOT delete the folder itself


Re-Install PunkBuster Service with latest PunkBuster Service Setup (pbsvc.exe)

Now you can manually update the PB folders using PBSetup (pbsetup.exe)



Run PunkBuster as an Administrator

Step 2.1

Start a game using PunkBuster


Press Ctrl-Alt-Del> Start Task Manager> right-click process PnkBstrA.exe> Properties> Compatibility> Change settings for all users> tick "Run this program as an administrator"> Ok


Repeat the same for PnkBstrB.exe


You maybe launched the game to find out OMg Nebu it's still not working, thats true

But ad least you have the correct updates and the pb will be running as administrator.

Theres a final step to do and we are almost there for me this final step made a judge difference

And have not run to a packet error yet.(if this changes i will update this manual again till i fixed the bug problem.



Setting Priority to BFBC2

Step 3.1

Start the game


3.2 When you're logged in and ready to play, alt+tab to the desktop and open Task Manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del)


3.3Click the 'Processes' tab and find the game's .exe (in my case, BFBC2Game.exe)


3.4 Right click on it, and find the "Set Priority" option. Hover over it, and click "Below Normal"


3.5 Close Task Manager, get back into the game


Your done!!, I hope this will help out allot of people struggling with punkbusters failures wish you guys luck!



(i will be updating this to make it seem better looking)

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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

Nice. It's a very annoying problem when it occurs; good to have some ideas about it.


I would like to throw a caution out there to people who are running their systems close to the line just to even run BC2... step 3.4 could introduce a bit of processor bottlenecking if you have a lot of programs open, do work in the background while the game is running, or just experience slowness in game quite a bit.


If your system is tip-top and its boots are polished to a shine... won't be a problem.

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