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My Rig

Guest spankymaster

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Guest spankymaster

Current Specs :


Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz @ 3.8 GHZ (OC)

ABIT IP35 Pro LGA 775 Intel P35

COOLER MASTER V8 CPU cooler (core i7 Ready)

Rosewill RP550-2 550W Power Supply....

Thermaltake ArmorPlus(Armor+) VH6000BWS Black Full Tower

Two Western Digital VelociRaptor 150GB RAID 0

eVGA GeForce GTX 260 core 216.....






Currently Working on updating it to :









GeForce GTX 580 (Fermi)


Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz

G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB

OCZ Vertex 2

Cooler Master v8 Cpu cooler

Thermaltake ArmorPlus(Armor+) VH6000BWS Black Full Tower




Any suggestions for my next build?

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Guest spankymaster
Yeah the tower is a beast! Lots of room for anything u wanna throw in there. Only thing I hate are those stupid clips for the video card and and pcie device stupid system but overall solid case! Keeps everything nice n cool
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Guest andoldspar

Used to have that case i gave it up for a coolermaster haf-932 and i love it. More spaces for psu wires and it is mounted on bottom. Easy to take the side off and get to everything. Mines packed though and i go with AMD set up is a bit cheaper but as for performance i love it.




Silverstone Strider 1000watt / AMD Phenom 2 1090T /GIGABYTE GA-890FXA-UD5 AM3 AMD 890FX / 4x2gb g skill 1600 mghtz / Seagate 500 gig perpendicular sata hd x 2 Raid 0 /500 gig westren digital/ windows 7 ultimate 64 bit limited edition / 6970 sapphire / Audigy 2 ZS plat. sound card / 5.1 creative 550watt speakers / 1 x lite on super multi drive / 1 x sony dvd-rw lightscribe / 1 x asus sata dvd writer \ 3.5 floppy / 52 in one memory card reader / 230mm side,230 top,230 front,140 rear fans / Zalman 9700 cpu cooler / CM haf 932 case

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