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about gamerk316 post for solving Battle Field issues

Guest kubastorm

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Guest kubastorm



I read a post done by one of your members gamerk316 (well that is his nickname on that forum). The link to this response is: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/110394-13-disconnection-games-help


So my problem is that i have already unchecked the DMZ option at my router (Arris54g) and obviously I have my firewall off and the "disconnection error" still occurs at BC2....Its really annoying that some times I can connect to any server and some times I cant...


I have tried everything!! Do you guys have found new solutions for this disconnection issue? (we are hundreds of people posting at EA forums with this problem now)


You can see the original thread here: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/1845296.page


As you may see, lots of people having the same old disconnection issue with no response from EA support...


Well thanks in advanced




Lonely soldier

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Hey commander, nice to see you around, i'll give oddyz a smack haha.

How are u mate? Everything going smooth on ur "new" school.

Add mee on xfire so we could have a nice chat. (Username:cycledevil)



Now back on topic lol



Yeah it's all going good, partying and working hard haha. No games or ts allowed so i'm stuck retired for the time being. I get back in just under 3 weeks so i'll come and say hey, if you haven't come back by then that is.



I think i already got you on xfire dude :) But maybe it's a different one so i'll look later on.

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