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SteelSeries SALE

Guest Mental

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[QUOTE]Hey everybody, Team Dynamic and SteelSeries are happy to announce the limited time only (hopefully more to come) community discount! Until January 31st all merchandise on the SteelSeries store is 20% off! If they deem that our community brings in enough sales traffic, we get more sweet deals. Go crazy! [url]http://steelseries.com/us/home[/url] [url]http://www.teamdynamic.biz[/url] Code at checkout: DN01EX - 20% off the entire SteelSeries web shop - US+Canada Customers Only - Expires 1/31/11 - Not valid with any other offers[/QUOTE] That was posted by Z-Man from team dynamic on the twl forums. So if anyone needs some new gaming stuff steelseries isnt bad.
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