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Charlie Company has had its ups and down since its installations, but not at the fault of its leaders.  One in particular that has continued to push Charlie Company from the day he joined is SFC.Ginger.  He has been the epitome of an NCO and his leadership has been beyond compare.  He has had a new vision of bringing a new game to the company.  With the stepping down of 1LT.Shorev, Charlie is in need of a strong Company leader.  It is with great joy we promote SFC.Ginger to the rank of E-8 1SG of Charlie Company and acting Company Commander.  I know Charlie  Company is in good hands!




Unknown Soldiers has had  its history of great officers.  It is known by all that a year in the clan is like 5 years in real life.  To stay 2-4 years is something that is hard enough to achieve.  Tonight we have the priviledge of honoring a member who has hit his 10 CONSECUTIVE Active Duty years in the clan, only the fourth to do so.  MAJ.Spartan has been an amazing officer throughout his entire career and we are beyond grateful for all that he has done.  For reaching his milestone of 10 years, it is a pure honor to bestow upon him the Clan's highest achievement, the Medal of Honor!




Team please congratulate them and process the awards and promotions.  

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