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PERSCOM: New Application From InstaCoffee

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Member cleared to return

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Submitted 05/24/2023 09:24 AM
  • Name InstaCoffee
  • Email ****@****
  • Timezone America/Los_Angeles
  • Country United States

Additional Application Fields

  • All Clan Games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (DMZ and WZ2.0)
    Battlefield 2042
  • Primary Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (DMZ and WZ2.0)
  • In-Game Name(s) InstaCoffee
    OverpricedPotato (Cod)
  • Discord ID InstaCoffee#3839
  • Geographical Location Washington State
  • Age 28
  • Where did you hear about Unknown Soldiers? Use to be a member back in Bad Company 2 / BF3 days
  • Former Clans UNKSO
  • Rank, name, type and date of discharge from =US= I don’t remember the exact specifics as it was many years ago, I believe my name was Painkillers-US- and I believe I was a squad leader in the marine branch as well as a recruiter / trainer for a time. I believe I left on good terms
  • Have you served or are you currently in the military? Never served
  • Why do you want to join =US=? I miss playing with a dedicated team who practice together and who have slight elements of role play. BC2 and BF3 were some of the most fun I ever had in a FPS and it’s all because of the community UNKSO had available.
  • Can you attend our weekly meetings? Yes
  • Do you have a working microphone? Yes
  • Can you attend clan practices and boot camps, follow the chain of command and actively participate on the forums and Discord? Yes
  • Do you have any experience with websites/forums, recruiting or other special clan-related activites? I use to be a recruiter for you guys but that was many years ago. So I am very inexperienced now. (PS. Sunday is spelt “Sunda” under the question of if we can attend the practice for BF2042)
  • Escape from Tarkov Practice N/A - Not applying for this game
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (DMZ and WZ2.0) I can sometimes attend
  • BF2042 Practice I can sometimes attend
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