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Hello everyone and Happy New Years,


Last time I was officially here, (think it has been 2 years) I left in relatively bad standing. I wanted to write an apology.


After a long time self reflecting, I learned some things and one of those things was how unprofessionally I resigned. I should of just resigned from the clan in a more respectful and less dramatic way despite what I felt. Walk quietly.

During that time, I was at a low point mentally, and I suffered severely for months and the clan was caught in-between that. I spent so long trying to figure out what is wrong with me and why I felt the way I felt for years. And at that critical point, I snapped. But I learned some new things about myself that made me reflect life in a different way. One of which is that I am Neurodivergent in two different spectrums. Which allowed me identify and treat flaws I could’ve solve before as they were not “normal”. I am now even a major advocate for spreading the word about mental health and neurodivergence. Trying to educate the world on what these spectrums are, how they affect people’s lives, and how to cope.

On a more positive note, my self reflection and the time I spent to improve myself both mentally and professionally has lead me down a life path that is extremely positive. I am now starting my life over in a new city this quarter and will be starting my Dream Job as a User Experience professional at General Motors. I am very excited.


To conclude the message, I wanted to mention again my apologies for my unprofessionalism and hope everyone has been doing well.



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Good to hear you are doing better! God always has a plan. I tell everyone "real life first." When you get all moved in and settled perhaps we can game together again. The new CoD is pretty good this time around.

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Mate everyone goes through bad patches and from what I have read you have come back from that patch as a stronger person. Good luck on your move and starting your new job sounds to me 2023 is going to be a good year for you. I never played with you before but as Soul said when your all settled maybe we can get some game in together.

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Thanks for posting this up. I don't know that anyone really felt like it was necessary for you to apologize, but it's appreciated. It takes a mature person to look at their past actions, detach themselves, assess themselves, and determine they wronged someone else. That's huge. At this point, the past is the past and it's all water under the bridge. Most (if not all) have forgiven and forgotten because it's not productive and you didn't do irreparable harm. The situation was also a two-way street, so you weren't going off the deep end or acting in a vacuum and we recognize that.

I'm glad to hear you're starting your dream job with General Motors. When possible, maybe drop by and show off some of the work you've been able to ship while there (though I understand if you can't discuss it because of various work rules).

I appreciate this apology and I'm glad to hear you've discovered quite a few things about yourself and that you've taken steps to better yourself. I hope you choose to share your successes with us.

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