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Unknown Soldiers Civilian Outreach

Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

There are lots of exciting updates in the gaming world that recently or will soon arrive like our upcoming charity stream on November 12, COD Vanguard, and Battlefield 2042. With respect to all of that we are working to revitalize our Civilian Outreach efforts at the clan level.


What is Civilian Outreach?

Broadly, it's a fancy term for "social media" smile.png

More specifically, it also includes anywhere we have or want the clan name out there to increase our overall presence. Recruiting forums and sites fall under the respective company but we're here to help with consistent messaging and visuals while promoting the clan.


We already have some fantastic accomplishments to celebrate and a massive amount of work already done to help set the clan up the right way in these areas. @CPL.Civoen=US= has been incredibly active helping to prepare for the November 12 stream including refreshing the graphics and experience on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Huge shoutout to the CPL for all that he has accomplished so far!


There is much more to do!

You may ask: "Why is our clan cinematic trailer 7 years old?"

Great question! Do you have experience with helping produce or edit cinematics? Please reach out to both @CW4.Sharpz=US= and myself if so, I'm sure we have a way for you to help. Just want to participate in creating a new one? Great, we'll put your name down so when we get this thing rolling we have ready and willing participants.


You may ask: "Why is our clan twitch inactive?"

Another fantastic question. Let's get everyone set up as a streamer who is both Interested and Committed not only to jumping into a broadcast but also ready to uphold the clan regs and set the correct model to rep the clan. We'll get you set up to stream to the channel and put you on the schedule.


Other areas that could use attention:

  • Clips - We already have some fantastic individual streamers in this clan who do a huge amount of work to push the clan outward and in doing so draw in new members. Let's help promote their work every way we can. Have clips? Contact @CPL.Civoen=US= on how to get those clips into the right hands for editing so we can get our folks the recognition they deserve, promote their streams, and promote ourselves all at the same time.
  • Charity Streaming - It's not too late to let @SFC.Boostacus=US= know if you're interested in streaming on November 12, but you are running out of time. Please let him know ASAP so he can get you spun up.
  • Clan Streaming - Have ideas for events or clan activities that could help boost Twitch? Let me know. Stream your company practice. Stream your Friday night game time. Just finished downloading Vanguard? Stream your first gameplay.
  • Moderating and Scheduling - Not interested in streaming but want to help it succeed? Help to moderate chat on Twitch! Help to coordinate the streamers on the calendar. You don't have to be in the spotlight to hold the spotlight.
  • Posting - Have experience with social media within an organization? Help to post and promote! Don't have experience? You can still like, retweet, follow, and upvote. IT ALL HELPS.

Ideas for what else we could be doing to push these areas? Ready to volunteer a bit of time somewhere and not sure how to proceed? Let me know. I'll get you squared away somewhere.

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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=




Please give this thread a 'like' if you're interested in streaming to the clan channel. Right now we're working on building out a standard streamer package to get anyone and everyone up and running if you're interested. It will include instructions on how to install and configure OBS, who to contact if you have issues, standard overlays/graphics, help with scheduling and training, etc. The charity stream was incredible, so looking to build on that success and keep pushing active content out.



Looking for some epic in-game clips that we can use to promote not only your skills but also the clan. They would be edited for you and used on Twitter, FB, and the new clan cinematic/trailer. Please contact @CW4.Sharpz=US= for how to submit them. Please make sure they're at 1080p at 60fps as standard.

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Guest SSG.PaulHxB=US=

So looking at my work Schedule I can Stream on a Monday/Wednesday From 7PM Uk (2pm EST) till 10pm UK every other week starting from the 16th, I can add more dates as and when I am on Leave and the hours will change also but for a standard schedule these are my times.


Need to get this started this Year be it on the Clan Twitch or my own but rather the Clan one.

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