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Tarkov Rules of Engagement

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Tarkov Code of Conduct


Plan the Raid - Always make a plan before you go into a raid. No plan survives first contact with the enemy, but if you understand the mission goals, and any checkpoints along the way, you can regroup after contact or adjust the mission plan on the fly more easily.

1. Decide on a map

2. Collect the objectives to be handled on that map (tasks, items, kills, etc)

3. Pick objectives that are compatible and decide a pecking order if multiple people need the same items or kills

4. Determine if anyone needs items (keys, etc) that they don't have access to or cannot afford. Determine if someone else in the group can help. We don't charge for help here - if you want to charge someone to bring them an item, you cannot afford to help them.

5. Suit up, load into a raid together.

6. Determine the best path based on spawn.

7. Execute the mission.


Friendly Fire - It is every individual's job to make sure they know what their teammates look like and where they are. It is also every individual's job to make sure their teammates know where they are and what they look like. If you pick up a new helmet, armor, rig, or weapon, call it out so your teammates know. If you move out of LOS of your team, narrate where you're going and what you're doing. Pay attention to your team.


Looting - You keep what you kill. Doesn't matter if it's a scav, or the juiciest player on the map - if you made the kill, you get to loot first. Your team should set up around you to protect you while you do so. Only when you say it's ok can anyone else jump on your kill. No more than one person should be looting a kill at the same time. If you dive on someone else's kill, it's a warning the first time. The second time, you may be shot. This is a survival game, and while we're all playing together as a team, loot goblins are not welcome. The same policy applies to locked rooms - if you have the key, you loot the room first. Everyone else should be setting a defensive perimeter while you loot.


Insurance - Always insure all your stuff. If you do not, you do so at your own risk. Insurance allows your teammates to dump your gear so it's not taken by the enemy and so you can expect to get some or all of it back if you die in a raid. It is not their responsibility to bring your gear back to you, but you can request that they bring back an item you may need for a task (and they're allowed to say no). Go into a raid expecting to lose the gear you bring and don't bring anything you can't afford to lose.


Losing a Teammate - As with the above, when a teammate dies, you dump his gear. This means taking all insurable gear off your teammate's body and putting it in an area of the map where it is unlikely to be found so your teammate can get it back in insurance. Under no circumstances will you take insurable items off a teammate's body and keep them for yourself. There are no exceptions to this policy. Non-insurable items like grenades, ammo, meds, food, etc are able to be taken off the body in payment for the service of dumping that teammate's gear. If you are unable to dump gear because the teammate died in an area to dangerous to make the attempt, that is fine, but running away from a fight is not encouraged.


Help - If you need help, ask for it. We have two Sherpas and multiple experienced members who can probably answer your questions, but we can't read your mind. We'd rather teach you how to handle something yourself than have you leeching off of being hard carried through a map because you can't be bothered to learn something for yourself.


Group Play - The best thing you can take into a raid is a group. That only holds true if you operate as a group. Narrate your actions and tell people when you're going somewhere out of their LOS. Don't wait for someone to tell you what to do - figure out what they're doing and get another angle to help support them. Communicate, so others can do the same and play off your moves.


Attitude - Keep your salt and your tilt to yourself. This is a hard game. It is in a beta stage. Nothing is optimized, and nothing is permanent. Get used to the idea of losing. You will do it a lot playing Tarkov. Get used to things changing, they're going to be testing more and more things as we get closer to 1.0 release.


Beta Game - If you want to change something about the game, submit a ticket. If you encounter a bug, do it on the launcher. Complaining about it to the people in the Discord gets us nowhere. Do your part to make the changes you want to see in the game.

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