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EVE Awards and Promotions 09OCT2020

Guest MAJ.Spartan-S63=US=

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Guest MAJ.Spartan-S63=US=

[align=center]EVE Promotions


RT.Fuzz has met time in grade and requirements to be promoted to E-1 Private




SPC.Zain'ul Abdin has met time in grade and requirements to be promoted to E-5 Sergeant




EVE Awards


RT.Fuzz will also receive the National Defense Service Award and the E-0 BCT Ribbon






I would like to recommend SPC Zain with the Expeditionary Medal. On October 6th, during the 2nd day of siege in FWST-8 the Delve Region where over 10,000 characters died in a 48 hour period, SPC Zain was able to get over 120 kills flawlessly in the name of our corporation. The dedicated 12 -14 hours straight he spent on the battlefield that day placed us at number three for the Alliance's top corporations and he himself as a player was top 3 in the alliance out of 1600 for the week. This battle was one of the biggest in Eve's History. and he placed our corporation's name on the board. All while returning home for supper without a scratch on his ship, ready for some more.


SPC.Zain to receive the Expeditionary Medal





I would like to recommend RT Fuzz and PFC Steel Elysium the Combat Readiness Medal for their valuable efforts in joining this same battle. These members all Participated to help the Alliance in this historic battle. Their efforts helped put our Corporation's name on the board.


PVT.Fuzz and PFC.SteelElyisum to be awarded the Combat Readiness Medals




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