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Navy Promotions and Awards 18SEP2020

Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

[align=center]Navy Promotions






He has been a dedicated member ever since I've taken command. This NCO while in Jaeger Training Command was always involved in every program, helping division, and growing new projects.

Once fitting into the Chief of the Boat role, he filled those shoes quickly and went off running. Completing projects like COMOS and Navy Logistics Department. CPO.mrberg has been a jack of all trades within the Navy. A staple member I am happy to have.

It is for his dedication, commitment, his skill, and his abilities that I am proud to promote CPO.mrbergusa to the Rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer, E-8"



Navy Awards






SN.grumpyrandom has met requirements to be awarded the E-3 AIT ribbon


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