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Command Awards 31JUL2020

Guest LTC.DentalMav=US=

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Guest LTC.DentalMav=US=

SMA.VicVegas has served in the Unknown Soldiers for almost 8 and a half years, effectively an NCO that entire time, and the Senior Enlisted Advisor for almost 6 of those. During that time, he has been one of the most dependable and steadfast members this clan has ever seen, having been through its low as well as high points but either way a positive influence on everyone. Always ready to fight for his NCOs in front of anyone including the Clan CO, and always keeping JCS honest.


Unfortunately, these last months have shown that real life is catching up with the Sergeant Major and pulling him away more and more.


That said, his extremely long service in the clan merits high honors and recognition for the tireless hours, days, weeks, money, patience, and probably hair. I wouldn't want to see a total sum of how many hours he has spent working constantly for the clan even when it was the most frustrating thing he could be doing and even when it seemed to be for no payoff at that moment. If I saw a total sum of hours he has spent on behalf of the clan, it would probably put me to shame. So I will just leave it here:


VicVegas has been one of our best. We can not thank him for everything he has done. With that, we award him one of the highest honors in the clan, the Distinguished Service Cross.



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