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My name's Victor. I'm 35 yo. Currently on my 14th year of service in the U.S. Army. I've generally disliked playing online games due to many reasons. Main one being a low level of tolerance towards immaturity and stupidity that is prevalent among online gamers. Recently I started playing CoD MW, since this whole COVID thing started, and I'm looking to join a group of mature people to play with. 8)

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Guest Karval

Hey there friend,


The clan here does not currently support CoD as a full clan game but we do have a few people who occasionally play. If you wish to play CoD, just go into the discord LFG channel and ask if anyone would like to play. You can create a Discord Voice channel for your CoD matches if you wish.


Having the game as a clan game would require someone to pick up the game as a Squad Leader and lead an effort to grow the game in the community.

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