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Command Awards 13 March 2020

Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

[align=center]Admiral DentalMav has always been one of the most dependable members of this clan at any rank, any position, or tasked with any responsibility. While he has mostly been an officer and in leadership positions for the majority of his service, he has proven consistently that he is by no means afraid of rolling up his sleeves and doing the hard work required to make sure that this clan succeeds at every level.


For a long time Unknown Soldiers was a Battlefield-only clan. At other times we were a Call of Duty clan. At still other times we had units exploring multiple games at the same time, such as today, and also in years past. In this clan's history, the very structure of it has changed, between branches, companies, brigades, Discom, splitting Intel from Division and merging back again, and the rise and fall of many many competition teams. I think anyone here today can attest from either personal experience or purely on common sense that holding a clan steady over that number of course adjustments over a 10 year period is definitely no easy task.


Yet as impressive as that all is, the one thing I want to focus on most that makes the Admiral truly deserving of recognition, is that in those early years of the Unknown Soldiers there were also times when promotability, earning rank, and having to prove oneself sometimes meant substantially less than it does today. While DentalMav was by no means alone in the effort, he was truly at the front edge of gradually trimming away incompetence, replacing officers, senior NCOs, or even founding members who had only gotten their position or rank because they happened to be friends with someone. It took years of grinding, but through persistent updates to the regulations, pushing for the right leaders to be promoted to the right positions, designing the original MOS system to measure actual merit, and plenty of other projects, DentalMav has seen this clan from one which struggled to maintain integrity at all levels at its worst, to one that consistently now we can honestly say truly acknowledges hard work, effort, and dedication.


I could keep going for another hour, but I will close by simply saying: DentalMav, you have truly earned and lived up to the high standards to be awarded with this clan's highest award, The Medal of Honor.





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