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Shadow - Play games at max graphics and high FPS even if your computer sucks

Guest Karval

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Hey guys,


I want to introduce a newer tech that might intrigue certain people. I got a couple people already into this tech and they are loving it.

There is a new streaming technology that allows you to stream a high end computer to any device you have. So in theory, you can have a $100 dollar laptop running an AAA game at 120 FPS and 1080p with next to no input lag.




-Relatively Cheap (Can be 12.99 a month or 35 a month depending on your subscription plan) Still cheaper than buying a similar spec PC

-Requires relatively cheap equipment to run

-If you have a laptop, it doesnt heat up your laptop because its not running games using your specs.

-Free Upgrades. Cost nothing for them to upgrade your system to newer specs



-Has minimum flexible requirements to use reliably. Internet.

-Server locations are not abundant. List of servers are here (https://status.shadow.tech/)



So the cool thing about this is that you can run higher end games on your computer that you can't run before. You can even take it up a notch. I can Run Witcher 3 on my Laptop but my laptop overheats when I do (90-100 C). With Shadow, I can run Witcher 3 on the same laptop and it runs at idle temperatures. (50-65 C) On top of that, I can continue to play Eve Online clients on my own laptop while running shadow to play Witcher 3 at the same time. Look below







If you wanna try it out, They do have a trial version for 10 dollars for 2 weeks. This is my referal code:



And here is where you can get more information and subscribe or such.



They do have a discord where you can talk with the developers:


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