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Command Promotions 11 October 2019

Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=



The General of Unknown Soldiers has reposed special trust and confidence in the dedication, valor, fidelity and professional excellence of Spartan-S63.


In view of these qualities and his demonstrated leadership potential and dedicated service to the Unknown Soldiers, he is, therefore, advanced from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel. Advancement is effective 11 October 2019 with a date of rank of 11 October 2019.





Kaossilator, RADM

Unknown Soldiers, Chief of Staff


Over the past year, the clan has undergone significant changes in organization and personnel. A year ago, Spartan was the Intel CO and had already proven himself in that position and many others previously, as one of our most dependable members. He lived up to the challenge of being Intel CO and was instrumental in helping to pivot the clan around to new clan games, technologies, and operations taks. Even as his role transitioned over time from Intel CO to Chief Logistics Officer, most notably Spartan was key in building the Titan system which has since replaced Static12.


This was not an easy challenge, and standing up a new system involves a significant amount of dedication over a long period of time. Spartan saw this through and today we have a much improved way of tracking our members, which has saved the clan a lot of money in double hosting costs. Also during this time he helped transition the clan to Discord from Teamspeak, another move which has saved the clan money. He also helped with migrating our site and hosting over to a new company away from Bluehost, yet another move to save the clan money. He has continued to investigate other ways to help this clan not only survive tough times, but also position us to be able to thrive.


As always, Spartan has proven his capacity to learn and advance the clan with his dedication and commitment.


Congratulations on full bird, Colonel!




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