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Titan 0.1.1 Release

Guest MAJ.Spartan-S63=US=

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Guest MAJ.Spartan-S63=US=

Titan 0.1.1 Release

The UNKSO Engineering Department is back again to announce the release of Titan 0.1.1. This one took a bit longer than we had anticipated, but it’s finally here! This release adds the ability to submit event excuses. Additionally, those event excuses can be acknowledged by NCOs and Officers.


There are also some under-the-hood improvements, but those are just details…


Import Note: You’ll need to log out of the forums and log back in for full functionality. This relates to some of our under-the-hood improvements that necessitate this. Our apologies for the inconvenience that causes.


Let’s move on to the usage guide for this feature:


Usage Guide


Accessing the Excuses Feature

Once you’ve logged out of the forums and logged back in, on the front-page of Titan, you’ll notice a new link to “My Player.” Clicking on this will bring you directly to your Titan profile:


You’ll notice a new tab called “Excuses.” Clicking on this will take you to a historical listing of your excuses and allow you to submit a new one:


Clicking on the “Add Excuse” button will open a modal you can use to submit a new excuse:


Filling this out will let you submit it:




Once you’ve submitted it, you’ll notice the lack of a green checkmark. That indicates that it hasn’t been acknowledged yet. Your submitted excuse will enter a queue for an NCO or Officer to acknowledge your excuse.


For NCOs and Officers

If you are an NCO or Officer, you’ll notice the “Manage Excuses” link in the “Leadership Tools” section of the sidebar. If you click on this, it’ll take you to a list of _all_ unacknowledged excuses (there are plans to modify the behavior to scope the unacknowledged excuses to only show from those in your chain of command; this is coming in the future!).


Clicking on it will open a modal that will show you the event type this excuse is being submitted for and the message the member left. You’ll notice an “Ack” button on the bottom right that you can press to acknowledge the excuse.


Clicking on the “Ack” button will make the excuse as acknowledged and add a green checkmark to it in the member’s Titan profile. Viewing the excuse will show who acknowledged it for audibility purposes.




Well, this wraps up this announcement. A much smaller feature than bootstrapping the entire system, but there are some exciting things that this also lays the groundwork for. You just can’t see them yet!


Next up is going to be porting the reports functionality from Static12. This will hopefully finish up the major components of the port and allow us to decommission Static12. Moving forward, after reports, Titan will be the go-to tool for keeping member records. We’ll continue improving and iterating on the existing features to help streamline the process of keeping member records.


As always, please feel free to leave any feedback in this thread or reach out to myself or GySgt.MParsons with any feedback. We take it all into account when we start planning out future features.


Thanks for reading!


-- LtCol.Spartan-S63

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