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Army Awards and Promotions 01MAR2019

Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=

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Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=

[align=center]Army Awards and Promotions





SA.Zenpukku has completed the TIG and requirements to be promoted to Private First Class (PFC) E-3. Along with this new promotion, she will be receiving the BCT E-2 Ribbon.


Welcome to full membership, Seaman Zenpukku!








RT.ColdPhoenix has met the TIG and requirements to be promoted to Private (PVT) E-1. Along with this promotion, the new Private will also be receiving his BCT E-0 Ribbon and the National Defense Service Award.









PFC.Empire is being recommended for the Coast Guard Achievement Award by 1LT.Draven.


"In recent ranked matches for the Dedicated Ranked Team, PFC.Empire has led the team with the highest number of frags/match. His steadfast knowledge of the maps, growth as a player within the branch and his thirst for knowledge for Siege are second-to-none in the branch. PFC.Empire, you are an outstanding example of how the best players can also be the most humble. With your actions, you bring great honor to the Coast Guard, the Unknown Soldiers and to those who have the honor to play along your side in these matches. May you continue to paint each map red and continue to rise each Season as we progress as a Team. Thanks for all that you do."





PFC.JD has been recommended the Coast Guard Achievement Medal by 1LT.Draven.


"Since the introduction of the Dedicated Ranked Team for Siege, PFC.JD has come through and shown his true colors as a natural-born In-Game Leader, or IGL. Even though we do not have predetermined roles assigned for the team yet, you have shown the Coast Guard Leadership your true potential as a possible candidate for selection. On behalf of Coast Guard Command and this clan, I present you the Coast Guard Achievement Medal. Thank you for all that you do.





Members of =Unknown Soldiers=, we recently had a difficult situation on our hands. A brand-new recruit to our branch and clan had to make a choice - to listen to what was direct messaged to him via Discord by one of our former members, or to bring the message forward to his Chain of Command and risk repercussions. Even though he is new to our ranks, Private Cold Phoenix did the latter and the end result was a Dishonorable Discharge of the member who contacted him.


In recognition of his loyalty, I am hereby awarding the new Private the Purple Heart. The award reads:


"Unfortunately, Unknown Soldiers faces hardships at times, both externally and internally. We seek members who will do what is right, instead of what is convenient. This award goes to those who stand firm in the face of hardship and oppression in the clan from enemies foreign and domestic."


Private Cold Phoenix did what was right and brought this straight to his Chain of Command. Private, even though you are new to this clan, the Coast Guard Command salutes your bravery and is recognizing this effort with the Purple Heart.






Please join me in celebrating these fine =UNKNOWN SOLDIERS=![/align]

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