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Coast Guard Awards and Promotions 22FEB2019

Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=

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Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=

[align=center]Coast Guard Awards and Promotions





Chief of the Boat (acting, Coast Guard) PO1.Soulforged has been recommended the Coast Guard Medal by SN.MadMonkey.


"Petty Officer First Class Soulforged has always been one of our most reliable members and since taking over the chief position of Coast Guard has since gone even further in his dedication to this clan. If there is one member you can always count on to help steer this ship in the right direction and rely on countless times for anything from leadership, recruiting, BCTs, keeping track of members, you have to look no further than our very own Soulforged. For his continued dedication to UNKSO in whatever is thrown at him I would like to recommend Petty Officer Soulforged the Coast Guard Medal for his continued exceptional leadership in every capacity this clan has needed of him."




Please join me in celebrating this awesome Coast Guardsman![/align]

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