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Titan 0.1 Release


The UNKSO Engineering Department is happy to deliver the first release of Titan. In this release, you’ll find the groundwork for maintaining member records in the form of user files. Similar to Static12, this functionality was built from the ground-up and exists on the UNKSO.com domain so that authentication is shared seamlessly across the Titan service and the main forums.


As we move on from this milestone to the next, we’ll be rolling out systems in the coming weeks to submit excuses and reports. This will aid in the continuance of maintaining member records and will move all of the key services that Static12 provided in-house to UNKSO.com.


Included below is a guide on how to navigate the new Titan tool for Officers, NCOs, and Enlisted alike!


Usage Guide


Accessing and Logging In

To start with, Titan is accessible from the “Training Center” links or from https://titan.unkso.com or https://titan.clanunknownsoldiers.com.


From there, you’ll be presented with the Titan login page that looks as such.


Note: You’ll have to logout of the forums and log back in for authentication with Titan to work as expected


Once you’ve logged into the forums (or in the case of this initial launch: logged out and back in), you’ll be able to click the “Refresh Page” button for Titan to seamlessly authenticate you. From there, you’ll be met with a list of branches.


When you click on a branch, you’ll be taken to a listing of their members.


From there, you can click on a player card to access their profile.


Clicking on an individual file entry will pop up a modal displaying more details for the given entry.



For Officers and NCOs

If you’re an Officer or NCO (or filling an NCO billet), you’ll have an “Add File Entry” button you can click that will display a modal window for adding a new file entry. This is similar to the way Static12 works.


The file entry modal includes several different widgets including a date picker for beginning and ending dates for an event and a dropdown menu for the file entry type as pictured below.





Well, that sums up this announcement. We’re really happy to be bringing this initial release and look forward to receiving your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in this thread. @GySgt.mparsons=US= and I will be watching and responding.


We’ll be back here with another announcement in a couple weeks to unveil our next release. Moving forward, we’re targeting a release cadence of every two weeks. Some weeks, there will be larger new features, others, it’ll be under-the-hood improvements. We’ll be announcing new features along the way, so keep watch on the forums for new feature announcements!



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