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Guest Soulforged

I was looking for a way to make discord smaller because the real estate on my second screen is limited - I have GPU-Z, CPU-Z, and Precision X for monitoring my computer. Then there's steam friends, Origin friends, Uplay friends, Battle.Net, and Bethesda Launcher that need their space. Discord takes up too much room but I found a way to enable resizing (it's set to only allow some sizing by default).


You can read the fix HERE (I love spiceworks) or down below is the quick fix if you just want to be able to resize Discord:

EDIT: I would avoid installing the app and just edit your JSON file. Some people are saying the app goes against Discord TOS so be very careful if using the app.


1. Locate your JSON file: C:\Users\"Your user"\AppData\Roaming\discord\settings.json (You can create a backup if you want by copying and pasting and changing the name)


2. Open with a word editor (notepad works just fine, notepad++ is better)


3. Add



between the IS_MINIMIZED and WINDOW_BOUNDS lines.

4. Save file as is - don't change the filetype.

5. Reboot Discord


The best thing is you still have full functionality and can one click maximize to see everything again and then one click get it back to where it was. I'm stoked!

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