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Foxhole - A World War(s) MMO Isometric Shooter

Guest PaulineIndex

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Guest PaulineIndex

Let me start by just saying: I have no intention of trying to form a new branch for the game, but I did want to let you all know about a game my friends and I play pretty regularly called Foxhole.


Foxhole is a massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a (semi-)persistent online war. It's an MMO Isometric Shooter and wars last until one side, Colonials vs Wardens (Praise Callahan), control all of the "Victory Condition" towns in the grand "World Conquest" map. Where things get interesting is the supply driven game-play; everything from weapons and ammunition to vehicles and fuel and even battlefield artillery to bunkers must have their materials collected and refined/crafted to be used -- and all the better -- supplies are local. If you make supplies in one part of the world, say in the relative safety of a 100% controlled area for your faction for instance, if you want them at the "front" you have to put them in a truck and ship them up there, you best keep them protected from a road ambush though. Even spawn "tickets" are tied to an item that you have to craft and ship the the front if you want to spawn close to the action. But if making items (or crafting battlefield defenses like the titular foxhole) doesn't sound up your alley don't worry too much, a sufficient portion of the player-base enjoys playing logi (logistics) so I've never had a problem just jumping into some quick front line action with my fellow logi players keeping me and the rest of the front-line equipped with the basic things we needed, at least until we got overrun or, preferably, were able to drive the collie scum away!


This leads to a fun attritional war system where supply plays a major roll hand in hand with solid fighting. I highly recommend giving it a look, one word of pause, while the game is (mostly) stable, fun, playable, and feature dense-- it is early access, so be aware of that. Also good to point out, the game is a little obtuse due to it's level of simulation, so it does have a steeper learning curve than most games, even the basics.


Oh, and did I mention: it's only $20 normally, and only just $13 right now (during the winter sale).



Video Showcase:

Most are pretty long videos if you want a deeper look, but I've started them close to some of the action I wanted to highlight for ease of viewing.


The most recent patch trailer!


Your basic forest skirmish:


A gate defense:


Some good old fashion gunboat support:

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