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Command Awards 9NOV2018

Guest LTC.DentalMav=US=

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Guest LTC.DentalMav=US=

All members have Real Life incidents that arise and take them from the clan. The worry is whether someone will be there to step up. When SMA.VicVegas had to go on extended leave there was a void of who would take over as senior enlisted adviser. Without being asked, SCPO.MadMonkey stepped up and took over. He ran 1SG/Chief meetings, NCO meetings, ensured that the NCOs had guidance and did the best to fill SMA's shoes while SMA was on leave. It is a true sign of a leader to step up and fill a void when a void is seen. For his service as acting Senior Enlisted Adviser, it is an honor to award SCPO.MadMonkey the Silver Star.



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