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Coast Guard Awards and Promotions 12OCT2018

Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=

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Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=









RT.FigJam has met all the TIG and requirements to be promoted to E-1 Seaman Recruit (SR) and will be awarded the E-0 BCT Ribbon and National Defense Service Award.









Concurrently, the new Seaman Recruit has also completed his BCT E-1, BCT E-2 and BCT E-3. Since he is currently serving in the United States Army, I am hereby fast-tracking him to Seaman E-3 (SN) and awarding him the Real Life Military Award (Army).













Additionally, if there was a "Best Clash Ever" Award - he would also get that :) Thank you, Seaman FigJam, for your contributions to this clan, both in-game and on the forums as well.




Since September of last year, the Coast Guard Branch of the Unknown Soldiers has seen its ups and downs. Collectively, we have come together as a strong branch, relying heavily on each other when the latest exodus threatened to tear our branch apart. Now, months later, we have strong NCO's in place and are no longer struggling to keep afloat, but flourishing full-steam ahead. They say "a tree is only as strong as it's roots". Well, this branch was founded upon a very strong, core principle - to place the members of this branch first, because without them, we would be leaders leading empty boats.


RET.LTJG.Aim, without your Vigilance and Dauntless determination, the Coast Guard branch would not be where it is today - a shining example of what a branch can strive to become.


In recognition of the base in which this branch was formed, I would like to present RET.LTJG.Aim with the highest award that can be and has ever been awarded to a member of the Coast Guard - the Coast Guard Cross.




Along with this award and in direct recognition of RET.LTJG.Aim's retirement status, I re-christen the USCGC Vigilant with the finest bottle of Captain Morgan and rename this Cutter in honor of our first Commander - the USCGC Aim. May the Aim always sail safely and in the calmest of waters.


HERE HERE![/align]

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