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Navy Awards and Promotions 10AUG2018

Guest RET.CPT.Vogts=US=

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Guest RET.CPT.Vogts=US=

[align=center]Navy Promotions


SN.Al-Pigcino is to be promoted to E-4 PO3.





Navy Awards


SN.Al-Pigcino is to to receive their E-3 BCT Ribbon




SA.reesonnz is to receive the Expeditionary Medal


"During the August 5h Navy Practice, SA.reesonnz was a member who was always found on the objective, capturing or defending it and giving our team a vital spawn point. His dedication to keeping and playing the objective was further cemented by gaining the highest squad score on both rounds that were played. For his actions during the Practice, SA.reesonnz is to receive the Expeditionary Medal."




PO1.thehamm32 is to receive the Navy Service Award


"PO1.Thehamm32 has always been ontop of his duties and responsibilities in the Navy. His dedication and passion for his position are always visible and he makes time for every single one of the branches members. He works on BCT's and training up recruits while also having been Acting Chief of the Boat and helping myself with upkeep and paperwork within the Branch. The Petty Officers love for the Navy and it's members is felt throughout and his stride takes us forward every day. For his actions and dedication I am awarding PO1.thehamm32 the Navy Service Award"



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