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Command Awards and Promotions 10AUG2018

Guest LTC.DentalMav=US=

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Guest LTC.DentalMav=US=

[align=center]ATTENTION TO ORDERS![/align]

The General of Unknown Soldiers has reposed special trust and confidence in the dedication, valor, fidelity and professional excellence of Vanarambaion.

In view of these qualities and his demonstrated leadership potential and dedicated service to the Unknown Soldiers, he is, therefore, advanced from Lieutenant Commander to Commander. Advancement is effective 10 AUGUST 2018 with a date of rank of 10 AUGUST 2018.



DentalMav, Vice Admiral

Unknown Soldiers, Executive Officer

This member has shown loyalty and dedication to the clan and its members from the moment he signed on as a recruit. Everything he has done has been selfless for the clan. Every spot in the clan he goes he instills confidence and dedication in the members around him. Anyone who has had the opportunity to work with Vanarambaion would tell you the same thing. Whether it is trying to push junior members to excel, buying multiple games to give away for the sake of the clan/branch, or just showing up to practices for morale and support, he strives to improve this clan.



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