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Need feedback for improvement. (Video)

Guest Whiplash

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Guest marpla

Hey SN.Whiplash

Im guessing you are asking look and feel of the video.

What software are you using? because that will help in what im thinking.

Intro and transitions are "not pretty" feels like a old powerpoint presentation, i had some logo animation that we use to the website around i can send it....maybe can work better. You can download a few transitions for free wich could improve the overall look.


Just my thoughts if that help you.

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Guest Whiplash

Thank you Marpla.

i'm using Vegas 14, no mod or anything since it was my second time using it.

The transition looks wierd indeed and are a bit laggy even in the Project phase.

i don't really know if it's becasue of my computer FPS when the video was shot or because i'm using the replay option on GeForce (Nvidia)

I even tried to make a great intro logo and stuff but got lazy.

I finaly just bootleg my name animation and added a flag, logo.


Oh and for the transition the software can allow me to ''merge'' video togheter to make a kind of fadeaway transition. Every time i render the video to 1080p and i look at the video all transition are at a 5 Frame per second. Looks pretty bad. So i had to make it a little bit more fluid and make fade-out, fade-in between each video.

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