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WoW New Expansion BFA

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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

Hey guys, thought i'd ask if anyone plays WoW or is going to be playing WoW when the new Expansion hits. Now would be an excellent time to get into WoW Especially when they have changed how getting the old content works. Now instead of having to pay an arm and a leg for every Expansion, now you just have to pay the subscription and it gives all expansions all the way up to legion. Especially if you want to get involved right away in the new content you can get a free boosted character with the purchase of Battle for Azeroth or BFA. With the expansion coming out in Aug 13th, you could now play the pre-patch just to get used to your character depending on what you want to choose. You have 12 classes to choose from along with 3 sub classes per class. Meaning their are 36 specializations out there. WoW has a huge player base still and with the new expansion, the player base will boom right away. People are saying they are doing a lot of good things in BFA that is bringing it back to its roots with Alliance VS. Horde concept that first built up WoW.


I have many characters i will be running for Horde. More then likely will find a progressive raid group to start pushing through the new content until they start pushing more content on top of that. Let me know if you guys are gonna play. Add my Btag diistortionx#1841




WoW new subscription model


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