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Command Awards and Promotions 29JUN2018

Guest LTC.DentalMav=US=

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Guest LTC.DentalMav=US=

This award is a long time coming, and comes with recommendation from someone who doesn't often give/recommend awards. SMA.VicVegas has been the example of NCO and Senior Enlisted Advisor since his Mentor, CW5.Ward promoted to Warrant. CW5.Ward put it best: "He's been running the NCOA since I took a step back which was right after the time we really started tracking the NCOA instructor qualifications and giving out the awards. Since sometime 2015, he's really been the driving force for the NCOs. It's really a thankless role in the clan that doesn't get awarded often and quickly becomes stale due to you repeating the same tasks each week, month and year." CW5 could not be more correct. SMA.VicVegas has thanklessly donated his time and efforts to every member of this clan. He is the example junior members should strive to be, and the mentor of all NCO's in the clan. He keeps all the officers, including GEN.Darmine and myself, in line and always does it with the utmost respect and use of customs and courtesies. We are truly thankful to have him as our Senior Enlisted Adviser. Along with the much deserved (and should have already had) NCO MTI Master ribbon, it is an honor to bestow upon SMA.VicVegas an award that has never been given. It was conceived for the purpose of and given to a "soldier (who) has proven to be an outstanding example of unwavering adherence to the Code of Conduct within the clan." If this does not fit SMA to a T, I do not know what does. It is truly fitting that the inaugural awarding of the Staff Service Medal be awarded to SMA.VicVegas!




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