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Coast Guard Awards and Promotions 11MAY2018

Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=

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Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=

[align=center]Coast Guard Awards and Promotions 11MAY2018[/align]





SR.King.Benji=US= has met all the TIG and requirements to be promoted to Seaman E-3 and awarded the BCT E-2 Ribbon.







PO1.MadMonkey will be awarded the Purple Heart in direct reflection of recent events:


"Unfortunately, Unknown Soldiers face hardships at times, both externally and internally. We seek members who will do what is right, instead of what is convenient. This award goes to those who stand firm in the face of hardship and oppression in the clan from enemies foreign and domestic."


Faced with having to decide between friendship(s) and what was best for the clan, PO1.MadMonkey chose to take the high road and report an incident that thwarted a violation of clan security and integrity. These decisions are never easy or clear-cut, and I applaud PO1.MadMonkey for doing what was right when it mattered. Thank you, PO1.MadMonkey, for placing the clan above all else.



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