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Coast Guard Awards and Promotions 27APR2018

Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=

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Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=





SR.King.Benji has completed all the requirements and TIG to be promoted to E-2 Seaman Apprentice.







SN.Psyren will receive the Bronze Star, as nominated by CPO.Wafflewhite


Over the past month since starting our JSOC Team (Vulture Team) The SN has gone above and beyond in being our Fire Team Leader. On top of watching pro streams and working RL job he finds time to stream all of our JSOC practices and edit our videos so we can improve on our mistakes. He know how to handle himself while in match by making game winning or life saving callse and starts. He even was preparing before the team was started. The work put in by the Seaman is beyond any expectation I had for a team Captain. We as the Vulture team are proud to call SN.Psyren our Captain and leader. As such we would like to award Psyren the Bronze Star for outstanding leadership.




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