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Navy Awards and Promotions 20APR2018

Guest RET.CPT.Vogts=US=

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Guest RET.CPT.Vogts=US=

[align=center]Navy Promotions


SR.Al-Pigcino to be promoted to E-2 SA




PO3.gattopanzone to be promoted to E-5 PO2 and take Control of USS Blue Ridge Boat




PO2.arg0x to be promoted to E-6 PO1 and take control of the 6th Fleet





Navy Awards


Along with his promotion to E-2, SR.Al-Pigcino is to be awarded the E-1 BCT Ribbon




PO1.JimAlmeida to receive the Navy Service Award


"PO1.JimAlmeida has been tirelessly working for the Navy to optimize the Recruit Training and Testing process. He has furthermore been working on tools to up our recruitment and work out concepts of retention. The Concepts he has created and put forth, such as his part in the new E-1 training and testing freshly implemented show his dedication to the Navy. His effort to Recruit and Retain members are without equal and his ideas are well thought out and are presented in full created documents. For his Service to the Navy, I recommend PO1.JimAlmeida for the Navy Service Award."




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