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Air Force Awards and Promos 2Mar2018

Guest Hornet117

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Guest Hornet117

Air Force Promotions





E-3 Airman First Class



E-2 BCT ribbon

Amn.Khade has met all the requirements and TIG to be promoted to E-3 Airman First Class and be awarded his E-2 BCT ribbon.

Air Force Awards



Logistics Medal (2)

On 2/19/18 I was in game with A1C.Russki, we were playing on a conquest metro server. A1C.Russki demonstrated great tac comms and called out enemies left and right. Airman Russki led the charge for our squad in capturing all points on the map. Server rules stated that once a team had captured all points for a period of time, they would be admin-killed in order to give the other team a chance to come back. Twice, A1C.Russkie led the charge pushing the enemy team back to their side of the map. On the third time I checked the ticket count and our side had over 1000 while the other team had less than 200. With his great leadership and knowledge of the map and in game experience I'd like to award A1C.Russki with the Logistics Medal (2).



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