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Coast Guard Award and Promos 23Feb2018

Guest RET.LTJG.Aim=US=

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Guest RET.LTJG.Aim=US=


PO3.Apollo is to be promoted to E-5 PO2.




PO1.WaffleWhite is recommended the Good Conduct Award by SCPO.Draven

I would like to recommend the Good Conduct Award for PO1.WaffleWhite. While I was on an extended leave and out of the country, PO1.WaffleWhite stepped into the role of Acting Chief of the Boat for the Coast Guard. During that time, he managed his Fleet and the entire Coast Guard without breaking a sweat. I believe that the Petty Officer stepped up and did a great job filling in for me while I was away. It is for this reason I am recommending PO1.WaffleWhite for the Good Conduct Award.




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