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BF1 Turning Tides Free Trial

Guest CPT.Vanarambaion=US=

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Guest CPT.Vanarambaion=US=



I know many of you swore off playing BF1. I am posting this here so you don't have to admit that you still have it downloaded on your computer, ready to play if there's a good enough reason.


Well you're in luck.


The latest DLC, Turning Tides, is free to try this weekend (Feb. 13-19). You don't have to post here, you don't even have to tell your friends your dark secret. All you have to do is check it out. Then you can sign on as invisible and enjoy yourself quietly and no one else will be the wiser.


So why should you check it out? They fixed the shotgun spread, some of the weapon damage, and the new DLC has two great maps out of four that focus on naval warfare. Navy, naval warfare - get it? But the mechanics are much better than before. Check out PO1.JimAlmeida's recent post about why you should return to BF1 for more ideas. I'm just suggesting that you check out the DLC for one weekend. For free.



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