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Air Force Awards and Promos 9Feb2018

Guest Hornet117

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Guest Hornet117

Air Force Promotions





E-2 Airman


E-1 BCT Ribbon


AB.Khade has met all the requirements and TIG to be promoted to E-2 Airman and be awarded his E-1 BCT ribbon.







First Sergeant


TSgt.Energy has long upheld great standards in motivation and attendance in the clan. He is always available by PM within a maximum of 4 hours, I have not been able to catch him late on replies (I have tried.) This member and I always seem to be fighting but it is all in good fun: on a serious note I must acknowledge that TSgt.Energy has been a great help to me and the Air Force and we are luck to have him. I am honored to announce that TSgt.Energy is hereby promoted to the rank of E-7 1stSgt and taking over the Air Force 1stSgt position.







Technical Sergeant


SSgt.Marpla is one of our more industrious members. Handy with technical jobs and always ready with a positive mindset, SSgt.Marpla has been a helpful addition to the clan from day one. With our recent changes to branch structure, we will be asking more work from the SSgt, and it is only fair that he receive the more prestigious rank to match his new work. I would like to announce SSgt.Marpla's promotion to E-6 TSgt and his placement in charge of the 720th Special Tactics Wing.

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Guest RET.1stSgt.Energy09=US=

Congrats guys!!


TSgt.Marpla, you do keep the branch in full stock of beer :) . It was going to pay off sooner or later, lol. ;)

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