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Air Force Awards and Promos 2Feb2018

Guest Hornet117

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Guest Hornet117

Air Force Awards




Combat Readiness Medal

The Air Force practice this week (1/31/2018) was a half in-house tournament and half pub-stomp. During the tournament half the rules were simple: 1v1 pistol duel at 15 paces. Amn.Warrior distinguished himself by adopting quick move and drop-shot strategies, defeated multiple opponents and was able to push his way to second place in the tournament. During the second half of the practice, Amn.Warrior was, unfortunately placed on the opposite team as most of his branch. When a spot opened up, however, he refused saying he did not wish to leave his only US teammate alone. What followed was the main US force crushing his team. Through it all the Amn kept his head up with a positive attitude, dishing out more punishment than he got by playing the objective, supporting his friendly tank and dispatching multiple pubbie and US opponents. For his performance at the practice I would like to award the Amn with his first Combat Readiness Medal.



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