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Air Force Awards and Promos 26Jan2018

Guest Hornet117

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Guest Hornet117

Air Force Promotions





E-2 Airman


E-1 BCT Ribbon

AB.Warrior has met all the requirements and TIG to be promoted to E-2 Airman and be awarded his E-1 BCT ribbon.

Air Force Awards



During the practice of 1/24/2018, TSgt.Energy demonstrated his absolute mastery of Bf4 armed combat. The teams were assigned to practice tactical coms with revolving squad leaders. Throughout the practice, the teams were evenly matched with similar skill sets with the notable exception of TSgt.Energy. At my last check before the match ended he was destroying our team with a KD of 28-8. Every time our team encountered him; all our carefully laid plans got shredded. TSgt is nothing if not consistent and true to his nature, he annoyed the crap out of me the entire match and is very deserving of the Expert Rifleman Medal. Well done TSgt.



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