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Intelligence Corps Awards 26JAN2018

Guest MAJ.Spartan-S63=US=

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Guest MAJ.Spartan-S63=US=

Sgt.Mparsons to be awarded the Logistics Medal:

On the scrim of January 13th, amidst heavy enemy fire and under tactical lockdown, the Sgt, in order to secure the objective, pushed the telegraphs using a coordinated and well-timed push using smoke grenades. This tactic gave the soldiers in the battlefield a brief tactical superiority that allowed the =US= to secure a hard-earned objective. Without the Sgt and his tactical expertise, it would have been impossible to push through the well-established enemy defense lines. With this, I recommend Sgt.mparsons the Logistics Medal.



SN.Whiplash to be awarded the Combat Readiness Medal:

On the scrim of January 13th, while most of the roster of the =US= was struggling to keep up against the skills of TAW soldiers, the SN displayed great skill having a great Kill/Death Ratio and being the MVP for the =US= while being a worthy adversary for TAW soldiers. The SN proved to be a great asset during the scrim and without him and his technical knowledge, TAW would have completely dominated over us. With this, I recommend SN.Whiplash for the Combat Readiness Medal.



CPO.Distortion to be awarded the Components Achievement Medal:

It is with the void of the absence of someone, that we truly know the value of that person. Chief Distortion has been an important piece in the HR Department, and during his LOA back last year that I truly realized how much he does for the department. His steadfast and efficient dedication makes sure that the HR works flawlessly. His efforts are once again a testament that he is part of the group that is the powerhouse of the Unknown Soldiers. With this, I recommend CPO.Distortion for the Components Achievement Award.

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