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Navy Awards and Promos 12JAN2017

Guest CPT.Vanarambaion=US=

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Guest CPT.Vanarambaion=US=

[align=center]Navy Promotions


SR.thehamm32 is to be promoted to E-2 Seaman Apprentice, and awarded the E-1 BCT Ribbon.





RT.TangoZulu is to be promoted to E-1 Seaman Recruit, and awarded the E-0 BCT Ribbon.






Navy Awards




will receive the Real Life Army E-5 Award


Thank you for your service, Seaman Recruit.







will receive the Good Conduct Award, as nominated by PO1.Argasio.


"During 7-Jan-2018 Navy practice CPO.Distortion set a high standard for branch practice leadership.

During said practice he gave up his player slot to obtain even teams and directed the practice with impeccable attention and a good dose of creativity introducing often new veriations to the rules in order to improve balance and stimulate players to adapt to the new situations, maintaining at the same time the game smooth and entertaining for everyone.

I believe his dedication deserves a proper recognition so that other NCOs can be inspired to emulate his style."







will receive the Navy Service Award, as nominated by CPO.Distortion.


"PO2.JimAlmeida has gone above and beyond to take care of the Navy. He has been a role model for seaman especially the exponential work he does in everything he does. I am proud to see him be an NCOIC and prove that the Navy is a powerhouse in the Unknown Soldiers."







will receive the Good Conduct Award, as nominated by CPO.Distortion.


"PO1.Argasio has proven time and time again we can count on him for BCT's for the navy. He has done excellent work taking care of recruits and has handle them with ease. He has also excelled in taking care of NCO's that needed to be trained to be BCT trainers and stepping up and making sure we are all trained to handle any new recruits."







will receive the Good Conduct Award, as nominated by CPO.Distortion.


"ENS.Vogts always has been a professional in everything he handles. He keeps the navy in check and performs with upmost efficiency. He is a mentor and a role model for others in Unknown Soldiers to follow."



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