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Intelligence Corps Awards 1DEC2017

Guest MAJ.Spartan-S63=US=

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Guest MAJ.Spartan-S63=US=


In taking on the NCOIC of Engineering position and transferring to Intel full-time, I would like to promote SrA.Mparsons to E-5 Sergeant for his service and continued work with the department.


Date of Last Promo: 15SEP2017

Current MOS(s) and Qual level(s): N/A

if being promoted from E-4 to E-5, what NCO spot are the taking: NCOIC Engineering

Date of NCOA completion: 7APR2017

Accrued Points (explain the accumulated points): +6 (Dept NCOIC)




Both SrA.Mparsons and SSgt.Marpla took the initiative when assigned the homepage redesign project and worked closely together to produce new assets and redevelop the homepage. As a result, we now have a page that better represents our clan and the games that we play. Because of the initiative and hard work they both put in, I would like to recommend both members with the Technical Achievement Award.






In addition to the above awards and promotions, the Intelligence Corps CoC is undergoing some changes.


PO2.JimAlmeida will be taking on the position of NCOIC of PA to lead the charge in reorganizing and reprioritizing the department.

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